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                  1. 關于我們



                    Introduction of "Toyota Management System" and take "people-oriented" for management philosophy to improve product quality, production methods and management rely on "continuous improvement" from staff.
                    Every new employee should receive three-level on-the-job training and take the post after passing the practice, so as to ensure the professional level of operators. In the career of employees, the company provides dual promotion channels from both horizontal and vertical aspects。Employees obtain promotion qualification through evaluation and training and will get new curriculum system after promotion. The above two types of training, together with the special training during the work period constitute the three modules of employee training to ensure the development and promotion of employees in the company.
                    A.Complete education organization system to ensure the direction of talent cultivation;
                    B.Advanced hardware and software facilities to ensure the development of education;
                    C.Strong internal lecturer team to implement the training effectively;
                    D.Perfect tutor system in workplace to form talent cultivation condition.

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