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                  1. 關于我們

                    ABOUT US

                    Culture Policy

                    Tolerant, neat and enterprising, we are a group of butterfly ants.

                    We are a group of butterflies and ants;
                    Emphasis on team and look hero weaker;
                    Hard work (ANT), love life (Butterfly);

                    Find fun from work, cultivate sense of achievement and achieve high quality life.

                    Yantai Tiancheng Machinery

                    Foundation of harmonious work;
                    Relaxed and friendly condition;
                    Emphasis on cooperation and eliminate competition;

                    Courage to admit mistakes to creat create positive  attitude.

                    Standard work;
                    Pursuit of 5S;
                    Person of culture and moral character.






                    Keep learning and innovation;
                    Emphasis on details and pursue perfection;
                    No best but better.






                    Yantai Tiancheng Machinery

                    Yantai Tiancheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

                    Address: No.1 Liuzihe road, economic and technological development area, Yantai, Shangdong, China

                    Telephone: +86-535-2166078

                    Yantai Haoyang Machinery Co., Ltd.

                    Address: No.445-1 Jincheng road, Zhaoyuan, Shangdong, China

                    Telephone: +86-535-8248058

                    Yantai Tianhao Machinery Co., Ltd.

                    Address: No.48 Xingyuan West Road, Fushan District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China

                    Telephone: +86-535-2135225

                    Yantai New Haoyang Bearing Co., Ltd.

                    Address: No.33 Weiwu Road, Yantai National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China

                    Telephone: +86-535-2135225

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