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                  1. 關于我們

                    ABOUT US

                    Who we are?

                    Yantai Tiancheng Machinery
                    Yantai Tiancheng Machinery
                    Yantai Tiancheng Machinery

                    Yantai Tiancheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise committed to design and manufacture of large-diameter bearings for wind turbine and always puts quality in the first place. We have strong technical capability, advanced production equipment and skilled and experienced professional team. Relying on advanced management and high-quality products, we have won recognition and trust from customers.
                    Yantai Tiancheng has three professional production plants now. The main products are yaw bearing, yaw ring, pitch bearing, main bearing in megawatt wind turbine and main bearing in TBM. With excellent product quality and service, market share of the products is rising continuous, which played a positive role in promoting China's wind turbine generation to the world. Development of the company is widely recognized by the society. We have successively passed the recognition of high-tech enterprises, gazelle enterprises, provincial、municipal  and  national small giant specialized and new enterprises, and obtained the qualifications and honors of excellent enterprises performing social responsibility at the municipal and district levels and Municipal Industrial design centers; We established an independent CNAs laboratory, which has passed DNV GL three system certification, intellectual property system, CNAs laboratory accreditation, etc.
                    Tiancheng machinery will continue to be committed to the manufacturing of new energy equipment in the future, take sustainable development as our mission, focus on clean energy and light up the green future, Tiancheng Machinery is working with global customers to create more resources for a better future of human beings.

                    Yantai Haoyang Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in the 1980s, focusing on the manufacturing of slewing bearing for more than 20 years. The diameter of products ranges from Φ 200 mm to 5000 mm. The products are widely used in excavators, tower cranes, truck cranes, port cranes, marine cranes, tunnel boring machines, packaging and filling machines, forklifts, personnel lifts, robots, radars, medical scanners, aerospace, vehicle and ship engineering and other fields. In January 2013, slewing bearing made in haoyang was recognized as 'Shandong famous brand' product.

                    Yantai Tiancheng Machinery

                    Yantai Tiancheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

                    Address: No.1 Liuzihe road, economic and technological development area, Yantai, Shangdong, China

                    Telephone: +86-535-2166078

                    Yantai Haoyang Machinery Co., Ltd.

                    Address: No.445-1 Jincheng road, Zhaoyuan, Shangdong, China

                    Telephone: +86-535-8248058

                    Yantai Tianhao Machinery Co., Ltd.

                    Address: No.48 Xingyuan West Road, Fushan District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China

                    Telephone: +86-535-2135225

                    Yantai New Haoyang Bearing Co., Ltd.

                    Address: No.33 Weiwu Road, Yantai National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China

                    Telephone: +86-535-2135225

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